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Wessex is a true strategic partner. We not only fund growth, we also provide the resources and perspective that help make growth profitable and sustainable.


The day-to-day management of Wessex’ portfolio practices is retained by the strong management teams who operate them, and who maintain a substantial financial interest in the continuing success of their firms. This alignment of interests enables Wessex to work in a true advisory capacity. We participate at the board level, offering strategic and financial expertise that supports growth, governance and best practices, as well as eventual exit strategies for value realization.

We believe this alignment of interests and expertise holds significant advantages for business owners, including:
• monetization of business investment
• continuity of operating control and autonomy
• simplified implementation of management and shareholder transition strategies
• easier access to lower-cost capital for organic and acquisition growth
• asset diversification with ongoing equity participation
• exposure to global markets and opportunities
• corporate development services for acquisitions
• access to best practices for professional services
• strategic and financial expertise from a long-term investment partner